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 |    new_curse.h
 |    A subset of curses developed for use with ae.
 |    written by Hugh Mahon
 |    Hewlett-Packard nor Hugh Mahon shall be liable
 |    for errors contained herein, nor for
 |    incidental or consequential damages in
 |    connection with the furnishing, performance or
 |    use of this material.  Neither Hewlett-Packard
 |    nor Hugh Mahon assumes any responsibility for
 |    the use or reliability of this software or
 |    documentation.  This software and
 |    documentation is totally UNSUPPORTED.  There
 |    is no support contract available.  Hewlett-
 |    Packard has done NO Quality Assurance on ANY
 |    of the program or documentation.  You may find
 |    the quality of the materials inferior to
 |    supported materials.
 |    This software is not a product of Hewlett-Packard, Co., or any 
 |    other company.  No support is implied or offered with this software.
 |    You've got the source, and you're on your own.
 |    This software may be distributed under the terms of Larry Wall's 
 |    Artistic license, a copy of which is included in this distribution. 
 |    This notice must be included with this software and any derivatives.
 |    Copyright (c) 1986, 1987, 1988, 1991, 1995 Hugh Mahon
 |    All are rights reserved.

#include <stdio.h>

#ifdef SYS5
#include <termio.h>
#include <sgtty.h>
#include <fcntl.h>

#define KEY_BREAK 0401
#define KEY_DOWN  0402
#define KEY_UP          0403
#define KEY_LEFT  0404
#define KEY_RIGHT 0405
#define KEY_HOME  0406
#define KEY_BACKSPACE   0407
#define KEY_F0          0410
#define KEY_F(n)  (KEY_F0+(n))
#define KEY_DL          0510
#define KEY_IL          0511
#define KEY_DC          0512
#define KEY_IC          0513
#define KEY_EIC         0514
#define KEY_CLEAR 0515
#define KEY_EOS         0516
#define KEY_EOL         0517
#define KEY_SF          0520
#define KEY_SR          0521
#define KEY_NPAGE 0522
#define KEY_PPAGE 0523
#define KEY_STAB  0524
#define KEY_CTAB  0525
#define KEY_CATAB 0526
#define KEY_ENTER 0527
#define KEY_SRESET      0530
#define KEY_RESET 0531
#define KEY_PRINT 0532
#define KEY_LL          0533
#define KEY_A1    0534
#define KEY_A3    0535
#define KEY_B2    0536
#define KEY_C1    0537
#define KEY_C3    0540
#define KEY_BTAB  0541
#define KEY_BEG   0542
#define KEY_CANCEL      0543
#define KEY_CLOSE 0544
#define KEY_COMMAND     0545
#define KEY_COPY  0546
#define KEY_CREATE      0547
#define KEY_END   0550
#define KEY_EXIT  0551
#define KEY_FIND  0552
#define KEY_HELP  0553
#define KEY_MARK  0554
#define KEY_MESSAGE     0555
#define KEY_MOVE  0556
#define KEY_NEXT  0557
#define KEY_OPEN  0560
#define KEY_OPTIONS     0561
#define KEY_PREVIOUS    0562
#define KEY_REDO  0563
#define KEY_REFERENCE   0564
#define KEY_REFRESH     0565
#define KEY_REPLACE     0566
#define KEY_RESTART     0567
#define KEY_RESUME      0570
#define KEY_SAVE  0571
#define KEY_SBEG  0572
#define KEY_SCANCEL     0573
#define KEY_SCOMMAND    0574
#define KEY_SCOPY 0575
#define KEY_SCREATE     0576
#define KEY_SDC   0577
#define KEY_SDL   0600
#define KEY_SELECT      0601
#define KEY_SEND  0602
#define KEY_SEOL  0603
#define KEY_SEXIT 0604
#define KEY_SFIND 0605
#define KEY_SHELP 0606
#define KEY_SHOME 0607
#define KEY_SIC   0610
#define KEY_SLEFT 0611
#define KEY_SMESSAGE    0612
#define KEY_SMOVE 0613
#define KEY_SNEXT 0614
#define KEY_SOPTIONS    0615
#define KEY_SPREVIOUS   0616
#define KEY_SPRINT      0617
#define KEY_SREDO 0620
#define KEY_SREPLACE    0621
#define KEY_SRIGHT      0622
#define KEY_SRSUME      0623
#define KEY_SSAVE 0624
#define KEY_SSUSPEND    0625
#define KEY_SUNDO 0626
#define KEY_SUSPEND     0627
#define KEY_UNDO  0630

#define TRUE 1
#define FALSE 0

#define A_STANDOUT 0001       /* standout mode        */
#define A_NC_BIG5  0x0100     /* Handle Chinese Big5 characters   */
#define SCROLL 1        /* text has been scrolled     */
#define CLEAR  2        /* window has been cleared    */
#define CHANGE 3        /* window has been changed    */
#define UP 1                  /* direction of scroll        */
#define DOWN 2

struct _line {
      struct _line *next_screen;
      struct _line *prev_screen;
      char *row;
      char *attributes;
      int last_char;
      int changed;
      int scroll;
      int number;

struct _line *top_of_win;

typedef struct WIND {
      int SR;           /* starting row         */
      int SC;           /* starting column      */
      int LC;           /* last column          */
      int LX;           /* last cursor column position      */
      int LY;           /* last cursor row position   */
      int Attrib; /* attributes active in window      */
      int Num_lines;    /* number of lines            */
      int Num_cols;     /* number of columns          */
      int scroll_up;    /* number of lines moved      */
      int scroll_down;
      int SCROLL_CLEAR; /* indicates that window has been scrolled or cleared */
      struct _line *first_line;
      struct _line **line_array;
      } WINDOW;

extern WINDOW *curscr;
extern WINDOW *stdscr;

extern int LINES, COLS;

#if defined(__STDC__) || defined(__cplusplus)
#define P_(s) s
#define P_(s) ()

extern void copy_window P_((WINDOW *origin, WINDOW *destination));
extern void reinitscr P_((int));
extern void initscr P_((void));
extern int Get_int P_((void));
extern int INFO_PARSE P_((void));
extern int AtoI P_((void));
extern void Key_Get P_((void));
extern void keys_vt100 P_((void));
extern struct _line *Screenalloc P_((int columns));
extern WINDOW *newwin P_((int lines, int cols, int start_l, int start_c));
extern int Operation P_((int Temp_Stack[], int place));
extern void Info_Out P_((char *string, int p_list[], int place));
extern void wmove P_((WINDOW *window, int row, int column));
extern void clear_line P_((struct _line *line, int column, int cols));
extern void werase P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void wclrtoeol P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void wrefresh P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void touchwin P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void wnoutrefresh P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void flushinp P_((void));
extern void ungetch P_((int c));
extern int wgetch P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void Clear P_((int));
extern int Get_key P_((int first_char));
extern void waddch P_((WINDOW *window, int c));
extern void winsertln P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void wdeleteln P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void wclrtobot P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void wstandout P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void wstandend P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void waddstr P_((WINDOW *window, char *string));
extern void clearok P_((WINDOW *window, int flag));
extern void echo P_((void));
extern void noecho P_((void));
extern void raw P_((void));
extern void noraw P_((void));
extern void nl P_((void));
extern void nonl P_((void));
extern void saveterm P_((void));
extern void fixterm P_((void));
extern void resetterm P_((void));
extern void nodelay P_((WINDOW *window, int flag));
extern void idlok P_((WINDOW *window, int flag));
extern void keypad P_((WINDOW *window, int flag));
extern void savetty P_((void));
extern void resetty P_((void));
extern void endwin P_((void));
extern void delwin P_((WINDOW *window));
extern void wprintw P_((WINDOW *window, const char* format, ...));
extern void iout P_((WINDOW *window, int value));
extern int Comp_line P_((struct _line *line1, struct _line *line2));
extern struct _line *Insert_line P_((int row, int end_row, WINDOW *window));
extern struct _line *Delete_line P_((int row, int end_row, WINDOW *window));
extern void CLEAR_TO_EOL P_((WINDOW *window, int row, int column));
extern int check_delete P_((WINDOW *window, int line, int offset, struct _line *pointer_new, struct _line *pointer_old));
extern int check_insert P_((WINDOW *window, int line, int offset, struct _line *pointer_new, struct _line *pointer_old));
extern void doupdate P_((void));
extern void Position P_((WINDOW *window, int row, int col));
extern void Char_del P_((char *line, char *attrib, int offset, int maxlen));
extern void Char_ins P_((char *line, char *attrib, int newc, int newatt, int offset, int maxlen));
extern void attribute_on P_((void));
extern void attribute_off P_((void));
extern void Char_out P_((int newc, int newatt, char *line, char *attrib, int offset));

extern void nc_setattrib P_((int));
extern void nc_clearattrib P_((int));
#undef P_

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